Billy Le Poullain

Last night Billy won on his England debut.
Two standing counts and the ref stopped it in the third round. What an absolutely fantastic result. Well done Billy, Guernsey Boxing is proud of you.
Billy should now be on his way to the Commonwealth Games.


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Friday 22nd April 2022

URGENT NEWS – Guernsey Dinner Boxing Friday, April 22nd

Good afternoon all

I am so very sorry guys but once again due to Covid related problems we are going to have to cancel the April 22nd Show.

The reasons being that we cannot guarantee that we would have enough bouts to put on a good show and also the attendance for the last few shows has been very low and therefore has not become cost effective.

We sincerely hope that the next show in November will kick-start the 2022/2023 season off with a bang.

We would like to thank those sponsors and guests and table hosts that have supported us throughout these difficult times and hope that they and many more will support us in the future. We need “bums on seats” to make these shows happen. 

Big thanks must also go to Ben Duff and his team for all the help and support they give us along with the amazing local talent of the boxers on the island who together with the visiting teams make for all the amazing evenings of boxing.

Sorry about the cancelled shows this year but I really look forward to seeing you next season.

Many thanks and best regards


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