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Notes from Draft Committee agenda Pre-AGM Meeting

DRAFT AGENDA Notes 2022 – 2023 SEASON DRAFT AGENDA NOTES Present. Micky Robert, Dave Hadlington, Toni Clayton and Graham Guilbert Apologies. Claude Ford, James Swaisland, Liam McKeena, Michael Carre and David Ceresa Boxing Dates - November 25th 2022, February 3rd,...

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February 4th 2022 Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club Report

The number of guests may have been down from what was expected but the quality of the bouts certainly did not disappoint. There were some very good performances all round and really closely matched contests.  Arnie Watson had a tough Welsh opponent and was...

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November 26th 2021 Guernsey Dinner Boxing Report

November 26th 2021 Guernsey Dinner Boxing Report This was the first Dinner Boxing event since November 20219 due to the Covid Pandemic This event was never in doubt despite having to put in restrictions to adhere to the Islands Government guidelines, which we achieved...

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