Good evening all.

This was the last show of the season and unfortunately, the number of guests were down, but this doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the bouts that night.

The evening started with two skills bouts, Dexter Loveridge v Jake Preece and Tamjid Rahman v Lucas Coles, both Guernsey lads showing much potential in their bouts, both demonstrating good boxing abilities, strength and determination. It won’t be long before both these lads will be ready to compete.

Nolan Buddery lost on a split decision against a more experienced Hayden Carter. Nolan started slowly in round 1, but came back well in rounds 2 and 3, and showed great ability with making his opponent miss and then counter.

Frankie Veron also lost on a split decision against Arun Bravo. A very close bout which could have gone either way. Frankie started well and probably took round 1 on the higher work rate, but his opponent came back well in rounds 2 and 3. A very close and entertaining bout.

Cody Goddard lost on a unanimous decision against Jadon Found. Another close bout, where both lads were looking to draw the other out and counter, with the judges preferring the marginally higher work rate from Cody’s opponent.

Braden Morris lost on a unanimous decision against Alfie Brennan. This was Braden’s first bout, and he did very well against a more experienced lad. Braden got out- worked in rounds 1 and 2 but came on much stronger in round 3 and finished the round well.

Tyler Quintel won on a unanimous decision against Dominic Elliot. This was a cracking bout which earnt bout of the night. Tyler demonstrated great evasive skills, making his opponent miss and returning with his own attacks. Boxing with his hands down, it was a high-risk approach from Tyler but it paid off and he won on all three score cards.

Super Heavyweight Dan Maree won via split decision against Joshua Stylan in another contender for bout of the night. Dan pressed the bout on his front foot for the duration of the bout, whilst his opponent preferred to box on the back foot. A great clash of styles and the most entertaining round was round 3 where the pace picked up and Dan gave his opponent a standing count. The strong performance in round 3 would have swayed the decision in Dan’s favour but credit to both boxers for putting on an entertaining bout.

Bill topper Ruslan Gogercaks put in a fantastic performance against James Seaward to win by a unanimous decision. His opponent was a strong counter puncher and Ruslan had to box smartly to get into range, land punches and get out again without being hit. Both lads gave it their all, but the cleaner and higher work rate was with Ruslan. A great bout to finish a fantastic evening of boxing.

A big thank you from the Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club to all that helped put this season together, we had some truly amazing shows, with many fantastic and hard-fought bouts.

We of course thank those that attended our shows and enjoyed the evenings, we would like to invite you all to attend again next season which will start in November, dates to be announced.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club Committee.