Good day all

I would like to give you an update as things stand now regarding the Dinner Boxing event on Friday November 26th.

I have been corresponding with Ben Duff and he is saying that the numbers at the Guernsey Boxing Club are very good and is confident that we have a supply of boxers to fill the shows this season, even if we had to rely only on the seniors. (Not sure if the juniors would be able to travel over if unvaccinated

The clubs in the UK are also keen to start competing again and their numbers are also good, from what he is being told by the coaches, they have missed boxing and really want to start competing again.

We have got between 10 and 18 senior boxers that are attending every senior training session, and more that will come back after the summer and once the shows start up again, plus there are around 8 juniors who are ready to compete and more in the pipeline who train at the separate junior sessions. The seniors are training 3 times a week, and the juniors twice a week.

Ben has also said
“Apart from the lockdowns, we’ve had the gym open as per usual all the way through the pandemic. Mostly to help boxers and the community with their mental health, but it’s also given us time to research, implement and improve our coaching/training methods.
It would have been easy to close the gym during the pandemic, and unfortunately some boxers/coaches couldn’t see the point in keeping it open without shows, but on reflection it was definitely the right decision and its given us time to reflect and improve things, plus we have a new crop of boxers who will be ready to compete next season. Overall, I think it’s made our team stronger”.

So there you are guys, covid restrictions permitting we should hopefully be able to start our season in November, no guarantees of course, but fingers crossed I look forward to seeing you in November.

Congratulations to Ben and his team.

I will of course keep you all informed.

Best regards