November 26th 2021 Guernsey Dinner Boxing Report

This was the first Dinner Boxing event since November 20219 due to the Covid Pandemic

This event was never in doubt despite having to put in restrictions to adhere to the Islands Government guidelines, which we achieved by working closely with the St Pierre Park Hotel.

We were scheduled to have 11 bouts but for various reasons and illness we were down to seven, and they were all hard fought and very entertaining fights enjoyed by a smaller than usual attendance but never the less, enthusiastic crowd.

There were however several outstanding fights that were worth recognition.

Bout number 3. Ethan Le Monignan v Mitchel Keene. Ethan was making his debut and won with a unanimous decision.  He boxed really well and at the age of 16 has a bright future ahead of him.

Bout number 4. Ross Vinning v Henry Wells was also a hard fought fight. Ross also made his debut at 16 years of age, he was up against a strong opponent and lost on points.  He boxed well at times and definitely has the ability to progress and be a success in the sports.

Bout number 5. Dannie Le Flem v Chantelle Gordon was the only all-female fight that evening. Dannie made her second appearance and second win on points.  She boxed a tough come forward opponent, Chantelle Gordon, who had good stamina and could throw none stop punches, but Dannie’s manoeuvrability and her amazing footwork and the fact that she landed some good cleaner punches, was declared the winner.

 Due to two of the Guernsey boxers being away fighting in the National Quarter finals, and a couple of pull-outs we had to bring in a three boxers from the UK,

Aiden Dabare, who won his fight.  Ritvik Kumar who lost his fight and Kylop Holland who lost his, were from England.

Hopefully it will just be a Guernsey team against Wales on February 4th which is our next Guernsey Dinner Boxing event.

The two Guernsey boxers who were unable to make it at this event is Billy Le Poilain who is fighting in the national quarterfinals and Tom Teers who has got a bye to the national semi-finals.

So we all wish them all the very best in their contests this coming weekend.

I will try to give further information after those fights.

Red CornerBlue Corner
            1Arnie Watson LostvZayn Ahmed
            2Aiden Dabare Won ptsvKristian Madzudzo
            3Ethan Le Moignan Won ptsvMitchel Keene
            4Ross Vinning Lost ptsvHenry Wells
            5Daniellla Le Flem Won ptsvChantelle Gordon
            6Ritvik Kumar Lost ptsvJacob Smiles
            7Kylop Holland Lost ptsvFreddie Kinsella

Best regards

Micky Robert.

Chairman Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club