The number of guests may have been down from what was expected but the quality of the bouts certainly did not disappoint.

There were some very good performances all round and really closely matched contests. 

Arnie Watson had a tough Welsh opponent and was unlucky to lose on points.

Charle Corbel and Jay Wilson both had good fights against tough opponents, Charlie won his fight with a unanimous points score whilst Jay lost on a split decision.  

 Tom Teers did incredibly well boxing over 3 x 3mins for the first time against an awkward opponent who had the greater reach advantage. He did well to evade his opponents’ longer reach and get a unanimous points decision.

Casey De La Mare was up against it boxing the current Welsh national champion.  It was a tough bout for his first bout in a couple of years, but he gave a good account of himself and lost to a very good opponent on points.

Ethan Le Moignan and Finn Walsh both aged 17 got their second wins out of 2 contests, in highly competitive bouts. 

Ethan won by a split decision and Finn won unanimous.  Both look to have a promising future in the sport if they stick at it and keep putting the effort in.

Billy Le Poullain, a local favourite, boxed well and deserved his unanimous points win .  Billy dictated the range and tempo, and picked his attack moments well.  It was a well-disciplined and polished performance. 

Red CornerBlue Corner
          1Arnie WatsonvCurtis Jehu
Lost pts UFly-weight
          2Ethan Le MoignanvCian Pope
Won Pts ULight-Middleweight
          3Charlie CorbelvJaspe Kibiedi
Won Pts ULight-welterweight
          4Finn WalshvLewis Oyler
Won Pts ULight-welterweight
          5Jay WilsonFahim Ahmed
Lost SplitLightweight
          6Marcus MagloirevEthan Jones
Won splitLight-welterweight
          7Tom TeersvHarry Notter
Won Pts UBantamweight
          9Casey De La MarevAaron Bird
Lost pts UCruiserweight
        10Billy Le PoullainvJosh Bridges
Won Pts UMiddleweight