DRAFT AGENDA Notes 2022 – 2023 SEASON


Present. Micky Robert, Dave Hadlington, Toni Clayton and Graham Guilbert

Apologies. Claude Ford, James Swaisland, Liam McKeena, Michael Carre and David Ceresa

Boxing Dates – November 25th 2022, February 3rd, March 17th and April 21st 2023

All dates were agreed to be correct – all timings pre-event with ring setup etc remains the same


Dave H reported that there should be no problem with officials again this year


The same with doctors, Dave H has these already in place

Visiting Teams

This is in the safe hands of Ben and his team – the first team over in November is “Western Counties”

I am waiting to find out from Ben if the price increase for flights is horrendous as this may have an impact on ticket price.

Also Dave H is looking into the cost of accommodation at The Roquettes

Ladies invite

As discussed previously we need to invite ladies as of this year, this is being enforce by both Guernsey Sports Commission and the English Boxing Board. We have female officials, female Doctor in attendance and female boxers so it is something we have to do. We are hoping that this may offer the opportunity to bring in a corporate table or two. 

Dress Code

Dress Code was discussed again, and we need to relax the Dress Code to help increase the attendees, but still with rules, Evening Dinner Suit with Black Tie with the option of Lounge Suits with Tie for the gentlemen and Evening attire for the Ladies

Meal Cost

The meal cost remains the same at £22.50 thanks to St Pierre Park Hotel


The thought was to go without security but seeing as this is the first time that ladies are attending perhaps, we should have security, but as with everything else this is up for discussion.

Event sponsorship

We will still offer event sponsorship for £500.00 as in the past, we also have one possibly two outstanding event sponsors from before Covid Mike Redwood and Terry at the Roebuck Inn.


The programme brings in much needed income, if anyone would like to take this on I would be happy to let it go, I have done it for the last 8 years and I think we need fresh blood with fresh ideas and new contacts to help take the sales forward. Still of course using those that have had adverts in the past

Website or Sites

Michael Carre and myself met with a young guy a little while ago who offered to help but at the moment we cant get hold of him. During the conversation we said that we were struggling to get the amount of attendees that we needed to break even on the event. He asked what media platform we were using and when we said Facebook his reply was that is where you are going wrong. To make contact with the younger generation we should be using Twitter and Instagram and some stuff I’d never even heard off, so basically we are out of touch and need some experienced knowledge and help


I am hoping that Jim will continue to deal with that.

Date of AGM

The date of the AGM was agreed to be on September 14th 2022 at 19.00hrs St Pierre Park Hotel – Please try to attend, there are a lot of important changes that we need to discuss


It appeared we had covered everything

Thank you all once again for your help and commitment for the coming season.