Friday 25th November 2022

Picture by Andrew Le Poidevin (C)2018. Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club ‘Boxing at the Park’. 25-11-2022. BOUT: 8_Ruslan Gogercaks v Jack Young

Guernsey v St Pauls’ Hull

The Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club had a fantastically successful night with 11 Bouts and some very good contests.

The evening started with 4 “Skills” fights with the youngsters putting on some really good fights and definitely showing promise for the future.

Ethan Le Moignan lost out on a unanimous decision to a strong opponent.  His opponent started very fast and strong and gave Ethan a count in the opening 20 Seconds of round one, however, Ethan showed great heart and determination and came back to finish the round strong.  The rest of the contest was relatively close, and Ethan played his part in a competitive contest.

Emma Martin was involved in another entertaining and close bout against Stephanie Adlington from the RAF.  The two had boxed previously at the October Beau Sejour open show.  Emma lost via a split decision in a contest which could have gone either way.

Ruslan Gogercaks won via a split decision.  This was a great contest and a clash of styles.  Ruslan had to press the bout against the taller and rangy opponent to earn the win.

Tom Teers won via a round 2 KO.  This was heating up to be fantastic contest, with a close opening round and start to the second round. Tommy landed a fantastic overhand right halfway through the second round, which his opponent was unable to recover and make the refs count.

Casey lost on a unanimous decision against a very skilful opponent.  Casey did the right thing by trying to stalk his opponent down to close the distance, but his opponent’s taller reach and movement was a problem, and he lost out to the better man. 

It should be noted that Casey’s opponent reached the National Championship final last year and lost via a split decision, so there was no harm in losing to lad of this calibre. 

We also had two very good Jersey boxers in the Guernsey Team, Aaron Gallichan fought a strong boxer of similar style.  It was a great contest of non-stop action which was won by the Hull boxer on a unanimous decision.

Daniel Du Four came out strong from the start and continued to dominate the three rounds.  Winning on a unanimous decision against a very strong Hull boxer.

All in all The Guernsey Team again showed well against a very strong UK Team.

The next Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club event is on February 3rd get your tickets booked early